We wish to express our heartfelt condolences to all those lost their lives
in the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake as well as our sympathy to the survivors
and their family.
We sincerely hope that people's life in the affected area comes back to
normal as soon as possible.

POLA ORBIS Group to make monetary donation and send support goods .

Responding to the voluntary requirement from our employees, we have decided the additional support.

【Our additional support announced on the March 24th 】

1. Support goods

 From ORBIS Inc.

  ●Women’s clothes 9100

  ●Food (Retortable pouch such as rice etc.) 26500


2. Donation money

POLA INC. is going to donate some percentage from our sales in March and April to assist with recovery efforts in the affected area.


【Our support already announced on the March 15th and17th】

1.Support goods


  ●     Shampoo   33500

  ●     women's undergarment 30000

  ●     Food (powder soup)      51000

  ●     sanitary goods   20900

 From ORBIS Inc.

  ●Shampoo   10000
2.Donation money

 From POLA ORBIS Group    

 30million yen